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Het is toch oke als ik zo lekker slaap. Waarom moet ik dan per se weer wakker worden?


Het houdt een keer op.

Anoniem asked:

14 28 x

14. Eye color
Green, grey and a little brown 
28. Favorite movies
There are so many :o well The Hunger Games and Catching Fire are good, Pearl Harbor and my favorite will be Trapped

Thank you for asking me questions :) 

Anoniem asked:

24 25 26:)

24. Favorite Band
Green Day will still be my number one, 
But there are so much more awesome bands!
25. Favorite animal
26. Favorite person
Well, i don’t know, any good friend is my favorite person, not just one 

Thank you for being curious :)

Anoniem asked:

17 19 21

17. Somewhere you would like to visit
19. Favorite season
Spring, because it’s not too cold and not too hot :)
21. Something your excited for
Going out saturday with a nice friend

Thank you for asking ^^


i want all the extra fat on my body to fall off and turn into cash

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Ben moe, heb tonnen huiswerk en gillende deadlines, maar ik ben zo leeg, ik voer niets uit


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